AusCycling - Victorian Clubs Statement

September 13th, 2020

We welcome the decision today by Cycling Tasmania to support AusCycling.

A significant number of clubs, many who were available to be signatories below, are also fully supportive of the AusCycling proposal that we endorsed on 19 November, 2019. A single licence, giving access to the world of cycling and from the outset affordably priced, will be an important instrument in growing membership. As clubs this means more people at our events, either competing or spectating, buying from our canteens, purchasing our apparel and all bonded by the love of the bike. All of this will boost our club finances, add to our evolving cultures and grow cycling.

An open knowledge base, with a library of resources from all disciplines, from all over the country, sharing important tips and learnings, will, among other things, bolster our capability in applying for and receiving grants. We are delighted with the commitment by AusCycling to create a dedicated club support and development team as a priority. With workload on clubs easing we will be more efficient and able to better support our treasured volunteer base. From coaching support through to national bike education programs our capability is vastly improved.

In addition to the benefits derived via increased membership and club support, we believe a unified body will deliver improved commercial opportunities which our clubs will be a major and direct beneficiary of. Our current structure means competing codes such as AFL & Netball will continue to be far more attractive commercial partners as they are much easier to deal with. There are significant sponsorship opportunities when you can negotiate with partners on behalf of all disciplines.

It’s time our sport acted as one code with a single focus on improving the lives of all cyclists. Unified advocacy is a natural outcome and we know we are far more effective as one voice. One organisation with a powerful membership base calling for improved infrastructure and rider safety will give the sport a seat at the table when planning for smarter cities, a healthier society and overall mobility.

As clubs we have a long and rich history, individually and collectively. So too does our sport and we respect the legacy and where it has got us to. However the sport has evolved and the administration of the sport has not. We are very excited to finally be working as one for all cyclists.

Our clubs are committed to working with the new organisation and really look forward to becoming closer to clubs both locally and across state lines. We recognise there will be teething problems as with any new venture or business but we have a much better platform for it to evolve and continue to improve.

There is a lot to look forward to and though we know we represent a majority we are in this together with the whole cycling community.

The following clubs have endorsed this statement:

Alpine Cycling Club Bairnsdale Cycling Club Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club Bendigo and District Cycling Club Blackburn Cycling Club Brunswick Cycling Club Castlemaine Cycling Club Coburg Cycling Club Collective Cycling Club Echuca Moama Cycling Club Footscray Cycling Club Geelong Cycling Club Hawthorn Cycling Club Italo-Australian Cycling Club Latrobe City Cycling Club Leongatha Cycling Club Inc. Mansfield Mt Buller Cycling Club Mornington Cycling Club Pirates Sporting Rowville Riders St Kilda Cycling Club Wangaratta Cycling Club Warragul Cycling Club Wellington Cycling Club WestSide Cycling Club