COVID-19 Update 7 July 2020

July 7th, 2020

What does the Level 3 lockdown mean for Metro Melbourne ?

Following the announcement by the Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, regarding the Stay at Home restrictions that will come into place at 11.59pm on Wednesday 8th July 2020, there are once again only four reasons to leave your home:

  • Shopping for food or essential items

  • Care and caregiving

  • Daily exercise

  • Work or study (if you cannot do it from home)

For cycling, this means Cycling Victoria will withdraw any event sanctioning in the impacted areas for the next six weeks. The regions affected in metropolitan Melbourne and the Shire of Mitchell can be found here.

The DISC Velodrome will remain closed from midnight Wednesday 8th July to all users for the next six weeks (except Elite athletes, with this subject to change).

Community sport cannot take place in restricted areas and people who live in restricted areas cannot participate. Outdoor exercise and sporting activities are restricted to one other person or those in your household, provided a 1.5m distance can be maintained.  

As stated back in March, we must all ride our bikes responsibly. That means going out on your own or only with people you live with. Stick to our usual routes - close to home.

Please do not take unnecessary risks, as our healthcare system is at risk of coming under further pressure as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Cycling Victoria continues to strongly recommend all members download the COVIDSafe App to help play our role in minimising the spread of COVID-19, and respect our community.

For more comprehensive information go to

Take care, stay healthy.

G Diamond, President IACC

Sources: DHHS, Cycling Victoria